What happens if i take two 20 mg Adderall xr(generics) every morning and a one more 5 hrs later? I have been taking it for almost a year now and i started taking two by mistake because i wasnt fully informed of it, and didnt know it would affect me. When i say affect, i mean that now one capsule won’t help only two. Now, i’ve been taking three! Im addicted now and i am scared for my life.
How many people die of an overdose from adderall xr(generics)

Amy D replied: "generics doesn’t make an extended release in adderall. if it’s an orange, chalky triangle pill, it’s not extended release. if that’s the case, try extended release (they are much more expensive, though). If you are already on XR, tell your doctor that you need to switch ADD medication every so often to keep you from getting addicted or developing an immunity to one. Keep in mind, if you are ADD, you have a dependency because you need it to function and a dependency is not an addiction. If you are taking it as a social drug, it gets you more rather than calm and focused and that’s what makes you become addicted."

natalie d replied: "When you say "help" what are you referring to? Do you mean that your ADHD isn’t managed by one? A lot of people with ADHD take 40-60 mg. per day, so I wouldn’t worry that you’re od’ing or anything. Do you have a prescription? If so, I would discuss this with your doctor because it’s not a good idea to take a specific dosage without your doctor’s knowledge. If you tell the doctor that 20 mg. isn’t working, then they will up the dose to what helps. Don’t keep it to yourself or you could put your health in jeopardy should any other issue come up."

I had an accidental Adderall XR overdose last month I think and I am now scared to death of these pills.? I am prescribed 20 mg Adderall XR daily, took that and then split up a capsule and took ate half of the beads inside with applesauce because I had a particularly high workload that day. Within 30 minutes of taking the half capsule I had an absolutely terrible reaction and it seems now that I likely overdosed because of splitting up the capsule. From what I’ve been told its basically like immediately releasing the full strength of the extended release pill instead of gradually causing a major spike all at once.

I haven’t taken the pills since. I told my doctor about this and he just wants to go on ho hum with the normal routine but I am scared I might have a flashback reaction or something. I know that sounds silly but it was truly frightening what I went through.

I wonder if anyone has experience with this or knows if there is a potential for a flashback or something from overdosing on ADD/ADHD medication or other amphetamines and then taking them again afterwards?

Joey C replied: "dont worry about a flashback feeling. thats only possible with psychedelics. and adderall is an amphetamine so no its cant happen.

the worst thing that can happen is a panic attack but that would be because it was psychosematic. but yeah its a bad idea to break up time release capsules. just take it as directed and dont think about it. you have taken it several times before as directed with no problems. so there shouldnt be this time."

Will taking 100 mg of Adderall XR cause personality changes/brain damage? So after taking 20 mg/day for about a week, I decided to experiment with it recreationally. I took about 100 mg over the course of the day (not all at once). I don’t feel like I overdosed, but I’m still afraid the neurotoxicity might affected my mental health
Hopefully I’m obsessing over nothing. I definitely won’t abuse this drug again btw.

1asdlfj;a replied: "your geeked up and paranoid haha its straight dont worry especially if you take it everyday, adderall is mixed amphetamine salts your probably wide awake your eyes wont shut and your jittery and feelin good but yoru nto used to it so your paranoid thinking you messed up and now tehres gonna be consequences but there wont for just 100mg over the course of a day. your just geeked up (high on stimulants)

lol dont listen to tha guy about overdosing, its litteraly impossible to overdose on marijuana maybe if you give straight one hudnred percent thc to a rat it might die but no one in the world has ever overdosed from marijuana besides adderal is a psychostimulant lik ethat guy said mariajuana is a depressant and it makes you sleepy and tired, adderall makes you wide awake. tahts why weed makes you high and adderal gets you geeked up no where near the same in effects, but also it is very easy to od on adderall dont take too much, youll know when your oding youll think oh shit im fucking dying and wish you werent high anymore"

Sarah replied: "LOL
What a classic tweaker paranoia.
Look, don’t do it again, but no, no no, that will not cause permanent brain damage, that’s nowhere near the dose you’d need to hurt yourself."

fijadaan replied: "Adderall XR is a phychostimulant that is a dopamine and norepinephrine agonist, which basically means that it works by increasing the dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain (neurotransmitters that stimulate the hypothalamus which can cause such effects as increased heart rate and blood pressure, as well as others). As others said, 100mg is not a fatal dose and will not cause long term brain damage/dysfunction, but if you continue to ingest more than your recommended dose, then long term consequences will most likely occur."

sds replied: "Nah, you will be fine. Think about it, meth addicts take ungodly amounts of methamphetamine (which is more potent than Adderall, but very similar chemically). You probably will not sleep tonight I can tell you that, but it won’t damage your brain."

Mr. Me replied: "u r paranoid"

question about adderall overdose? okay sooo at 10:30PM, about that, last night i took 210 MG of adderall XR, had an AMAZING high about 2 or 3 hours later, and then all of today the high has been going in and out and right now its 7:20 the NEXT night, and i still feel it! weird. it feels good, but when is it gonna stop probably?

thankss! :)

Lady Indica replied: "That stuff is timed release, so it can come and go, depending on how many tiny little little balls dissolve. It’ll go away by this time tomorrow."

x0tayylor0x replied: "the first time i took adderall i took around that amount. be prepared to feel like SH*T.

be sure to stay hydrated and get your nutrients.

watch your heart rate too"